How to Deal with Divorce During the Holidays from a Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer

While the holidays are a time of festivities, celebrations, and giving, not all families have the same traditions. Families who are divorced or separated, deal with a slew of struggles emotionally and mentally.

Disagreements on where and when the children spend their time or one partner having to spend perhaps a holiday by themself – the holidays certainly raise an array of emotions that can be overwhelming.

How can you deal with them? Here are some of the best tips we have given our clients to help deal with holiday stress.

  1. If there are children involved, attempt to work with your partner to work out the parenting holiday schedule in advance. This helps to resolve all issues upfront and hopefully peacefully. If there is a conflict with this, please keep it away from the children.

  2. Remember that it’s important for yourself and your ex-spouse to have a fair time with the children.

  3. Sit down with the children and be honest with them. Things will look different this year vs. in the past. Discuss the schedule with them and how important it is that both parents want to spend time with them.

  4. If you do not have children or extended families and find yourself spending some of the holidays by yourself, plan how you are going to spend it. Plan a holiday movie or baking night for yourself. Reach out to friends. It’s okay to normalize that not everyone spends each holiday with their families.

  5. Create new traditions. Remember it’s not the gifts that matter the most it’s the connection with your family and friends this holiday season that you will all remember.

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