Adele Forces Media to Discuss The Taboo Topic that is Divorce & How to Pick the Right Divorce Lawyer

This past month, our Rhode Island divorce law firm was thrilled to watch as Adele got real in her interview with the one and only Oprah as she helped raise awareness of what couples go through when they divorce. From our experience, divorce is as taboo of a topic as what it’s like to lose a loved one or postpartum depression. The mainstream media should be talking about it – and with Adele’s new album they certainly are.

The reality is that the emotional stress that comes from divorce is only truly understood by the following: Those that have experienced it and great divorce lawyers. This is why when you are choosing a great Rhode Island divorce lawyer, it is important to not only have someone that is experienced who will fight for your rights through fair-minded representation, but also someone who is compassionate and supportive. This is a challenging time for you and it will be emotional. Therefore, when you are choosing a divorce lawyer in Rhode Island, in order to minimize the stress that comes with receiving a divorce, our law firm recommends the following tips:

1.) Find a family lawyer that you feel comfortable with and you can work with. Is this lawyer supportive? Do you feel as if they will be there for you during your darkest times during this process? Do you feel as if you and your lawyer are on the same page? 

2.) Choose someone that has vast experience and an extensive network of working in the area that is divorce and family law in Rhode Island. Having a skilled and experienced attorney to advise and support you through the process not only eases the personal burden of this challenging time but also reduces the risks associated with self-representation.

3.) Work with your lawyer to set clear expectations of the cost(s) that will be associated with your case. Being comfortable and aligned with the financial costs associated with your divorce will prevent any last-minute surprises.

At Braatz Family Law, our Rhode Island divorce lawyers have extensive experience in divorce law. All of our resources are dedicated towards helping families through this complicated process. We represent clients throughout Rhode Island. While our Rhode Island law firm focuses on fair minded and common sense practices to help couples litigate out of court, if necessary, we will take matters to trial. Don’t wait. If you or a loved one is experiencing family issues and is in need of a Rhode Island divorce lawyer, please contact us today at (401) 440-1171.

Photograph credit: Joe Pugliese/CBS